Ye Hongxing


Artist bio

Nationality Chinese, b. 1972
Location: Beijing, China

Ye Hongxing was born in Guangxi, 1972. After graduating from the Art Department of Education Academy in Guilin, Guangxi (1995) she soon went on to also graduate from the Central Fine Art Academy Printing Department in Beijing, 1998.

Ye Hongxing employs traditional Chinese motifs and modern elements in her Fusion series. Expressing a unique vision by combining the traditionally Western medium of oil paint together with Chinese porcelain decorative patterns. Her paintings are very alluring self-portraits in which her face, with eyes-closed, appears behind bright winding floral patterns. Composed of shades of grey, her facial expression is of particular significance. As the artist is very concerned with the juxta position of “peace and luxury”, one can detect a tranquil or almost mundane emotion in her gaze. In contrast to using somber tones, the vibrant colors and exquisite composition of flowers and vines elicit the feeling of luxury. Consequently, her work seems to embrace a duality of notions: realism and visionary.

Ye Hongxing’s work was selected by the Curator of the Asian Art Museum in California and the Director of Art Cologne (out of over a thousand other emerging Chinese Artists) as one of China’s top 20 young emerging artists in Chinese Art Prize 2006. With a Master’s Degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Ye Hongxing has recently garnered a lot of attention, with her works being shown at one of the most important and prestigious art expositions in Europe, such as Art Cologne, as well as in Miami, New York and Washington, DC.


2017 Solo exhibition - Prajñāpāramitā by Ye Hongxing - Beijing, China
2017 Group exhibition - In Between Days VII - Shanghai, China
2016 Solo exhibition - “The Accumulation of Silence” Ye Hongxing Solo Exhibition - Shanghai, China
2016 PULSE Miami Beach 2016 - Miami Beach, USA
Art Central 2016 - Hong Kong
Art Stage Singapore 2016 - Singapore
2015 PULSE Miami Beach 2015 - Miami Beach, USA
Contemporary Istanbul 2015 - Şişli, Istanbul
PULSE New York 2015 - New York, USA
Zona Maco 2015 - Mexico City, Mexico
2014 Solo exhibition - The Fantasy Factory: New Works by Ye Hongxing - Shanghai, China
2014 Solo exhibition - “Fantasy Factory” - Shanghai, China
2014 Art Paris - Grand Palais Paris, France
Zona Maco 2014- Mexico city, Mexico
India Art Fair - New Deli, India
2013 Solo exhibition - “East of Eden” SCREAM Gallery, London, UK
Solo exhibition - “Kaleidoscope” - Art Basel Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Solo exhibition - “Paradise City” - Shanghai, China 
2013 Art Wynwood - Miami, USA
2012 Solo exhibition - “Dazzling Future” - Art Basel, Miami Beach, USA
Solo exhibition - “Paradise Now” - Hong Kong
Solo exhibition - “Modern Utopia” - London UK 
Solo exhibition - “Common Wealth” - Shanghai, China
2012 Group exhibition - “Unweave the rainbow” - London, UK
SCOPE New York - New York, USA
2011 Solo exhibition - Beijing, China
2011 ART ASPEN fair - Aspen, Colorado
Group exhibition - “Contemporary Chinese Art show” - Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Group exhibition - Taipei
Group exhibition - “Access to China” - Miami USA 
2010 Solo exhibition - Art Scene - Shanghai, China
2010 ART ASIA fair 2010 - Miami, USA
2009 Touring Exhibition - “54 International young art festival” - Beijing, China
2009 Group exhibition - Young talent awards group exhibition - Shanghai Duo lun Art Museum, China
Group exhibition - Soft Sculpture - Taiwan
Art Beijing Contemporary Art Fair 2009 - Beijing, China
International Young Art show 2009 - Song Zhuang Hongwan Art Museum, Beijing, China
2008 Solo Exhibition - Ye Hongxing - at Art Scene Shanghai
2008 Group Exhibition - Beijing, China
Art Beijing Contemporary Art Fair 2008 - Beijing, China
ART Dubai 2008 - Dubai
2007 Solo Exhibition - Shanghai, China
2007 Art Cologne - Cologne,Germany
Group Exhibition - Miami,Florida,USA
Group Exhibition - Dragonair Emerging Chinese Artist Awards - Beijing, China
2006 Group Exhibition - Chinese Art Today , China Art Museum Beijing China
Group Exhibition - Dragonair Emerging Chinese Artist Awards, Shanghai, China 
21st National Cultural Festival Yamaguchi - Yamaguchi, Japan
Installations Invitation Exhibition - Palladium Alliance International Listed in China - Beijing, China
2005 Group Exhibition -  China Contemporary Art Exhibition - Nanjin Museum Contemporary Art, China
Group Exhibition - <365>- Beijng, China
Art TAIPEI 2005 - Taipei, Taiwan
Chinese Women art Carnival - China
The Seventh International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations - Lido Venice, Italy
2004 Solo Exhibition - ‘Redxing’
2004 Group Exhibition - Encounter, Ten Contemporary Artists Exhibition
2003 Environmental Protection Sculpture Exhibition
International Invitation Exhibition

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