An exclusive collection of fine artworks offered by the House of 99, exclusively curated for art collectors with modern tastes from any generation. Our creative team is dedicated to curation, with each artwork carefully selected from a pool of exceptionally talented and inspired artists. The contemporary artists we represent span the globe, delivering an eclectic mix of modern and traditional techniques straight to your home.


Jessica Van Haselen

Jessica van Haselen (1986) is a Dutch designer and artist originally from a small town in the Netherlands. A deep interest in foreign cultures, languages, and countries has led her to travel and live all over the world. Her style developed as she absorbed these cultures, translating her experience into the visual medium. Originally trained as a master goldsmith, her work always contains a high level of precision, detail, and technique. Later studying Interactive Media Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, and Art History at the University of Amsterdam, she likes to combine new and unconventional digital media into her artwork while focusing on the story and historical significance that inspires each work. As Creative Director, Jessica takes on a leading role in design, photography and concept development at 99 Limited Editions.


Thomas Bijen

Thomas Bijen (1980) is a Dutch artist that is well known for creating Royal Chess, a 'king-size' installation commissioned by Dutch Royalty. Among his numerous accomplishments, he has been the subject of solo expositions (in Monaco, New York, Cologne, Coopenhagen, Amsterdam, among other locations) and acted as resident artist in both TEDxAmsterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. In 2007, Thomas acquired his Masters of Science in Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University of Delft. While from a diverse background that originated in science, art has always been his true passion. A chameleon by nature, Thomas is extremely versatile. Well-versed in different styles and techniques. From his personal iconic works, murals and installations to the highly detailed and elaborate works on behalf of 99 Limited Editions, London. He brings his artworks to new levels, reminiscent of the great Dutch Masters of the past, globally recognized for their great attention to detail, precision, depth, light and composition. A specialism Thomas has become well-recognized for.


Bratsa Bonifacho

Bratsa Bonifacho (1937) is a senior artist based in Vancouver, Canada. Internationally recognized for his deeply layered abstract paintings, an intense interest in technology, communication and cultural identity is at the forefront of his current artistic practice. The source of Bonifacho’s art is the comprehension and channelling of strong emotions stemming from observation, current events and epiphanic memory. He sees objective awareness as full of creative fire and for sustained body of work, the emotive energy must be profound. He rides these obsessive crests like a surfer, until they subside in his consciousness. One cannot artificially rehearse, buy, or borrow this energy, which is one reason he cannot subscribe to popular generational or interest group issues of the day. Bonifacho's interest in communication and cultural identity is the foundation for his many unique series of paintings produced over a forty-year period dedicated to creating art. His work is held in many private, corporate and permanent museum collections across five continents.


Samir Sammoun

Samir Sammoun (1952) a Canadian-Lebanese, multi-talented artist as well as a respected telecommunications engineer. Samir specialises in oils on jute and linen canvas, applying heavy impasto to give his artworks texture and placing his audience in the world he creates. From letting them feel the breeze in the air to the feeling of peace when surrounded by nature. The powerful impact of his artwork has stood out and appeared in museums such as both the Boston and Montreal Museum of Fine Art, the Latino Art Museum, Plattsburgh State University Art Museum as well as other magazines, exhibitions and instalments in well-known locations such as the Baabda Palace in Beirut and National Library of Canada. During the course of his career, Samir has proven to not only be a fantastic painter but also an inspiration for his fellow artists.


Guido Argentini

Guido Argentini (1966) was born in Florence, Italy where he studied medicine for three years but at 23 he decided to turn his passion for photography info a profession. He then became a timeless fine art photographer, capturing the beauty & nature of the female body. Soon after, he found himself being published by some of the globe’s leading magazines & has been exhibited worldwide. In 2003, his first book: “SilverEye”, presented an exquisite series of studio & landscape nudes. Other books he released were “Private Rooms” in 2005, “Reflections” in 2007, “Shades of a Woman” in 2010 & the final collection of silver photographs: “Argentum” in 2013. Argentum evokes the luminous polished planes of the work of Brancusi & the verge of Degas’ ballet sketches, endowing the human body with both the solidarity of sculpture & the vivid energy of dance. Argentum isn’t only a book but also a movie, a documentary that reveals the esthetics of the human form & the skills of the athletes that posed for this collection.”


Elham Moaidnia

Elham Moaidnia (1976) is an Australian-Iranian Contemporary Artist living in Dubai, UAE, that graduated with a BA in Painting from Faculty Arts & Architecture of Azad in 2002. She has exhibited work in several solo & group exhibitions in Australia, Iran & UAE. A passionate artist by nature that lives by a strong work ethic that reminds us all that persistent effort is required to build towards the future. Rising above political issues, her goal is to visualize the world around her — telling its story through her paintings. During her process, she frees herself to seek the magic hidden within the world so that colors flow naturally onto the canvas. Superseding the boundaries of medium by using calligraphy as a source of inspiration during her painting sessions. Her artworks are a visual record of different generations she encountered & captured, turning it into conversation & emphasizing the effects of tradition. She leverages imagination with exaggerated reality to create a theatrical scene with her paintings. The key element in her work is her ability to craft thought-provoking art through a modified style of traditional, narrative art.


PEDRO Fonseca

Pedro Fonseca (1976) defines his style as a mix of post-modernism with pop art, influenced by Jackson Pollock. He defines his skills as self-taught, with an intuitive understanding of abstract techniques and mixed media. Fonsek focuses on iconographic people who have left a positive impact on humanity. Many of his works feature the dripping technique, creating splatters that fill and surround the iconic faces and special fonts presented in his artwork. Trained as a graphic artist, his style is a unique combination of the appeal of poster art with the boundary-breaking freedom of Abstract Expressionism. “My artwork,” he says, “has to define happiness and all of the possible ways to express the way I see life.” In other words, his art represents his positive outlook on life and the world around him, aiming to share that brightness with others. Fonsek has exhibited in Asia, Mexico, Europe, and in the US, both in Miami and NYC. He has also exhibited under the name “Fonseca.”.


Sergey Piskunov

Sergey Piskunov (1989) is an established Ukrainian artist that describes his artwork as a burst of emotion, forcing the artist to turn his soul inside-out and leave it on canvas. Sergey dedicates himself to hyperrealism, a style that posses its own charm and character that reflects the inner-state of its creator. Despite having a true passion for drawing since childhood, he was drawn away from the creative path during his education in computer system engineering. On his third year, a close person to him gave him a brush and set of oil paints, a small gesture that suddenly reawakened his inner-desire to manifest himself through drawing. Since then has become the embodiment of a free artist, guided by the prism of his own inspiration and talent, exposing his personality through his art to the outside world. Sergey’s artwork has been showcased not only in the Ukraine but also in: Germany, Great Britain, USA, Switzerland and several other countries. He stands by the belief that: Art is a jealous entity that requires the artist to dedicate their entire being to it.”


Robert Hoffmann

Robert Hoffmann (1982) is well-known for his complex, multi-layered artwork. His art is often composed of: photos, tapes, corrugated newspapers, placards and other materials from the fascinating world of communication. His style is the combination of techniques such as (dé)-collage and assemblage which he mixes with the use of urban communication, billposting, tagging, graffiti and typography which are core elements of his work. He gives this style a unique appeal through deconstruction by aggressively sanding, carving, cutting and polishing each piece to perfection. He holds a Masters in fine art and design and was a master scholar under professor John Teschendorff and professor Christopher Crouch.


Metin Salih

Metin Salih (1962) is an international artist and bold painter that continuously strives to evolve his style as a contemporary artist that uses a truly unique color palette. Inspired and influenced by masters such as Sargeant, Reynolds, Varga, Robert McGinnis and Robert G. Harris, his illustration-based background is reflected in the hyper-real nature of his artworks. The accuracy and sophistication of his images are bolstered by a clear passion for painting. His highly expressive work is provocative; yet able to capture the intimacy and vulnerability of his subjects at the same time. The relationship between artist and sitter is one of ease and trust, resulting in a sense of individuality and character that shines through these beautifully alluring portraits. Primarily created with oil paint, he also fuses his work with unconventional elements such as cement and rusty nails; resulting in stunningly adventurous works of art that ooze with passion.