An exclusive collection of fine artworks offered by the House of 99, exclusively curated for art collectors with modern tastes from any generation. Our creative team is dedicated to curation, with each artwork carefully selected from a pool of exceptionally talented and inspired artists. The contemporary artists we represent span the globe, delivering an eclectic mix of modern and traditional techniques straight to your home.


Bratsa Bonifacho

Bratsa Bonifacho (1937) is a senior artist based in Vancouver, Canada. Internationally recognized for his deeply layered abstract paintings, an intense interest in technology, communication and cultural identity is at the forefront of his current artistic practice. read more


Guido Argentini

Guido Argentini (1966) was born in Florence, Italy where he studied medicine for three years but at 23 he decided to turn his passion for photography into a profession. He then became a timeless fine art photographer, capturing the beauty & nature of the female body. read more



Antonio Marra was born in Volturara Irpina, Italy and raised in Naples. Between 1974 to 1982, Marra studied a 'Diploma di Geometra' degree followed by further learning at the ‘Accademia di belle Arti’ in Naples, under Professor DiVincenzo. Since then, Marra's paintings have become the heightened, emancipated release of realisation directly from within the confines of the painting into the space of the observer. read more


Philippe Berry

Born on May 18, 1956 in Paris, Philippe Berry is a well-established sculptor. Working first as a graphic illustrator for a broad range of textile houses and then as a model maker, Philippe eventually becoming the artistic director for various advertising agencies. Between 1980 to 1984, he worked on movie posters for cinemas and regularly created stage sets. Nowadays Philippe is entirely dedicated to crafting sculptures that have been seen in a rich variety of solo and group exhibitions, easily recognised for their fascinating personalities. read more


Ye Hongxing

Ye Hongxing was born in Guangxi, 1972. After graduating from the Art Department of Education Academy in Guilin, Guangxi (1995) she soon went on to also graduate from the Central Fine Art Academy Printing Department in Beijing, 1998. Ye Hongxing employs traditional Chinese motifs and modern elements in her Fusion series. read more


André Monet

André Monet’s (1965) work is inspired by cinema, photography, music and literature. His signature conceptual assemblage of text texture and color exudes eccentricity and empowerment of its time, exemplifying the characters and personalities of its icons. read more


Robert Mars

Robert Mars (1969) is a contemporary American artist known for his Futurelic Popforms celebrating icons of the Golden Era of the 1950s and 1960s. Before committing to being a full-time artist, Mars started out as a graphic designer in New York City and then design director for fashion brands. Mars’ artwork is exhibited worldwide including in museum collections. read more


Shay Kun

Shay Kun (1974) was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, to Hungarian parents that survived the Holocaust, Ze'ev and Heddy Kun, both artists. Kun's first solo exhibition has been in Tel Aviv at age 18. He later studied at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and received his masters at Goldsmiths University of London. Since then, he has been living and working in New York City. read more


Samir Sammoun

Samir Sammoun (1952) a Canadian-Lebanese, multi-talented artist as well as a respected telecommunications engineer. Samir specialises in oils on jute and linen canvas, applying heavy impasto to give his artworks texture and placing his audience in the world he creates. read more


Thomas Bijen

Thomas Bijen (1980) is a Dutch artist that is well known for creating Royal Chess, a 'king-size' installation commissioned by Dutch Royalty. Among his numerous accomplishments, he has been the subject of solo expositions in Monaco, New York, Cologne, Coopenhagen, Amsterdam, among other locations. read more


Gregory Emvy

Gregory started on the path to a career in art since early childhood. His grandfather was a painter and the first to notice the boy’s inherited talent and interest for painting, and encouraged his parents to send him to art school. read more


Danny Esquenazi

Danny Esquenazi is one of the few sculptors who remain active in the Colombian art scene. His work is akin to the tradition of Latin American geometric art, one of the few forms of art unique to the region that has managed to transcend pass the borders of the continent. read more


Sidney Hutter

Sidney Hutter is a creative glass artist from Newton, Massachusetts and the founder of a studio that designs and fabricates original, sculptural artworks. With a combined use of rough or highly polished glass surfaces, along with specialized pigmented adhesives, Sidney creates three-dimensional sculptural objects in which the intersection of form, glass, color and light more


Nancy Ellison

The talented photographer, Nancy Ellison, was born in Los Angeles, California in 1936—a time in Southern California’s history where Dust Bowl migrants and European Intellectual expats mingled. Her neighbourhood in Toluca Lake included the old Hollywood royalty (Al Jolson, Ruby Keeler, Bette Davis, Bing Crosby), the cultural elite (George Putman, Arnold Schoenberg, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Aldous Huxley), the powerful ...


Victor Solomon

Artist Victor Solomon's examination of basketball as class vehicle appropriates the sport's universally attainable iconography and embellishes their production with antiquated processes historically reserved for the elite.


Frank Schroeder

Frank Schroeder (1961) comes from a rich background, a unique ethnicity spanning across continents through his French mother and West African father. Having lived in Africa for several years and after a tumultuous childhood as well as the first Ivorian Civil War in Ivory Coast, it didn’t take long for him to become a reputable, award-winning artist. read more


Adam Martinakis

Adam Martinakis (1972) was born in Lubań, Poland. He studied Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Industrial Design in Athens. Since the year 2000, he has been working and experimenting on computer-generated visual media. read more


Somsak Chaituch

Somsak Chaituch is an abstract expressionist painter with a very unique brushwork and color composition. He was born on the hills of Northern Thailand where he grew up in a small bamboo shed, discovering his passion for drawing since a young age. read more


Frans Smit

Frans Smit is a South African born artist that has participated in over 40 exhibitions locally and internationally. Smit started out studying photography but soon became interested in art and was encouraged to complete various courses in painting at several institutions, including; the Chelsea College of Art and Design, the City Lit College and the prestigious St Martin’s College of Art and Design. read more


Derrick Santini

Derrick’s talent saw him propelled into the fields of portraiture, music photography, fashion and advertising, where he developed a more confrontational approach to image making. He soon became renowned for his intimate and insightful portraiture style, particularly within the music industry ... read more


Natalia Triviño Lozano

Natalia is a Colombian artist based in Rome. Her works have been exhibited at the Modern Art Museum of Bogota (MAMBO), Contemporary Art Museum of Bogota (MAC), and the Municipal Museum of Guayaquil. She also participated in an exhibition organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and a collective exhibition in Perth, Australia. read more


Sky Kim

Born in Seoul, Korea, Sky Kim received a M.F.A in Painting from the Pratt Institute. She is a recipient of the National Museum of Contemporary Art’s National Korean Art Competition Awards and a Pratt Institute Art Grant. read more


Reymond Romero

From the beginning of Raymond Romero’s plastic research, his work has revolved around textile art. He transforms the legacy of weaving objects such as weighing nets, or quilts, and extends the use of the thread and its constructions into the contemporary art field. read more

Williams Carmona

Williams has scaled the peaks of the global artistic scene and is recognized by critics, peers and sophisticated collectors as one of the luminaries of surrealism.  Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he pursues his artistic vision with a passionate combination of deep technical proficiency, extensive historical perspective and searing independence formed in the crucible of an adolescence in an oppressive dictatorship... read more


Chris Leidy

Christopher P. Leidy is the great, great grandson of Joseph Pulitzer, the Hungarian born American newspaper publisher who established the Pulitzer Prizes in 1917. He is also the grandson of renowned designer Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau. Chris has steadily established his own legacy as the foremost underwater artist, finding inspiration within the depths of global oceans. Amidst mass movement and his solo dives, he explores light, motion and scale underwater to compose his vision. read more

Vanessa von Zitzewitz

Vanessa von Zitzewitz is internationally recognized for her famous nudes, striking portraits and her outstanding underwater horse images. Her work can be seen in several art fairs throughout the world and in October 2009, she had her work exhibited at the Petit Palais national museum in Paris. read more


Jessica Van Haselen

Jessica van Haselen (1986) is a Dutch designer and artist originally from a small town in the Netherlands. A deep interest in foreign cultures, languages, and countries has led her to travel and live all over the world. Her style developed as she absorbed these cultures, translating her experience into the visual medium. read more


Elham Moaidnia

Elham Moaidnia (1976) is an Australian-Iranian Contemporary Artist living in Dubai, UAE, that graduated with a BA in Painting from Faculty Arts & Architecture of Azad in 2002. A passionate artist by nature that lives by a strong work ethic that reminds us all that persistent effort is required to build towards the future. read more


Fernando Gaspar

Fernando Gaspar is a self-taught visual artist, he started his career through the practice of drawing and water colors. He has been entirely devoted to his craft since 1986, exploring and adopting various media formats, materials and techniques. read more


Daniel Sueiras Fanjul

Daniel Sueiras Fanjul was born in Alicante, Spain in 1976. In 2000 he studied sculpting at the University of Fine Arts in Santa Isabel de Hungria. He previously studied art with Will Wilson in the US and Antonio López García in Spain. read more


Gordon Harris

Irish contemporary artist Gordon Harris is internationally recognized and renowned for his high-realism, figurative work. He mainly uses the medium oil on board with gold and silver leaf. Harris is a figurative artist with superb technique and a meticulous eye to detail, he infuses a harmony between the natural and conceptual to create works that are provocative and dramatic. He renders his subjects to a timeless matter. read more


Sergey Piskunov

Sergey Piskunov is an established Ukrainian artist that describes his artwork as a burst of emotion, forcing the artist to turn his soul inside-out and leave it on canvas. Sergey dedicates himself to hyperrealism, a style that posses its own charm and character that reflects the inner-state of its creator. Despite having a true passion for drawing since childhood, he was drawn away from the creative path during his education in computer system engineering. read more


Robert Hoffmann

Robert Hoffmann (1982) is well-known for his complex, multi-layered artwork. His art is often composed of: photos, tapes, corrugated newspapers, placards and other materials from the fascinating world of communication. His style is the combination of techniques such as (dé)-collage and assemblage. read more


Mitch McGee

The influences for McGee’s artworks came from the style of Pop Art legend Roy Lichtenstein. According to McGee, ‘Lichtenstein with a Red Bow’ was the first piece that pushed him down this rabbit hole. Roy Lichtenstein took comic strips and repositioned them as lithography. In an almost tongue-in-cheek fashion, McGee wondered how he could take one of these pieces and recreate it in another medium. His answer? Wood. read more


Abdellah Boukil

At the heart of Abdellah Boukil’s bright, richly colored paintings and sculptures lies an ancient element that defines his native Moroccan landscape and symbolizes his relationship to himself and the world: sand. read more


Seung Yoon Choi

Seung Yoon Choi (1984) has studied Fine Art at Seoul national university of science and technology. He works are based on the point of view that the world is full of paradox. There is always a need for the existence of opposing forces. read more



Born in Barcelona, Lluis Barba studied at the Llotja School and the Center for Visual Arts Massana School of Barcelona. Lluís Barba has exhibited his work in Europe, the US, Latin America, Canada, and Japan. His work is part of several public collections and museums: MACBA Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, Centro Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Havana Marugame Hirai Spanish Contemporary Art Museum Japan, MADC Museum of Contemporary Art and Design in Costa Rica, MAVAO Visual Arts Museum Alejandro Otero, Jacobo Borges Museum MUJABO MACC and Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas among others. read more


Casey McGlynn

Casey McGlynn’s paintings are visual composites of autobiography and collective memory, at once literal and endlessly symbolic. Highly referential images—animals, people, popular media, textual documents—narrate scenes from the artist’s life while also prompting the viewer’s imagination through allegory and archetype. read more


John Grande

John Grande's (1969) work is set apart by the unexpected — yet it speaks to everybody: “It’s about the people, about us, the human race” (John Grande). Each line of work, each piece is unique, constructing and deconstructing popular and contemporary culture derived from today’s multi-media world. read more


Pedro Fonseca

Pedro Fonseca (1976) defines his style as a mix of post-modernism with pop art, influenced by Jackson Pollock. He defines his skills as self-taught, with an intuitive understanding of abstract techniques and mixed media. Fonsek focuses on iconographic people who have left a positive impact on humanity. read more


Metin Salih

Metin Salih (1962) is an international artist and bold painter that continuously strives to evolve his style as a contemporary artist that uses a truly unique color palette. His illustration-based background is reflected in the hyper-real nature of his artworks. read more


Armando Garlun

Armando Garcia Luna was born in 1953 in Monterrey, Mexico, when the country was in full cultural and intellectual bloom. His talent, creativity and passion in the field of art in particular has been his principle drive in the search for beauty and understanding of the human universe. read more



Karim Ghidinelli was born in Brescia, Italy. After growing up often traveling throughout Europe and Africa, Karim moved to London, England in 1995 to attend the Chelsea College of Art and Design. His next move was to Savannah, Georgia where he completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in painting. Karim has since moved to Miami and now lives and works in upstate New York. The work is narrative, at all aspects, from formal to personal. read more


John Platt

John Platt (b. 1984) was born and raised in New York City, immediately exposing the young artist to the worlds’ great capital of art and culture. Early visits to the Museum of Modern Art opened his mind to the possibilities of being a painter, a career path that took him to The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, where he graduated in 2007. Platt has honed his skills as an abstractionist by allowing a wide range of media–architecture, fashion, music, photography, film–to influence his work. read more



Gary Paller was born in Los Angeles in 1953. He studied Fine Arts at UCLA, working with such noted artists as William Brice, Lee Mullican, Ed Moses and Charles Garabedian. In 1974, he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts and continued on at UCLA to earn his Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1977. Visiting Europe frequently, in 1986 he had an exhibition in London at the Pimlico Gallery. read more

Mustafa Ali

Mustafi Ali, a sculptor that explores the consciousness and fragility of mankind, has inspirited generations of Syrian artists. Born in Latakia, 1956, his elegant artworks have been included in a broad array of solo and group exhibitions across the country between 1988 until today. The impression he has left in the Syrian art scene cannot be ignored, having earned several awards and accolades such as the Golden Prize in the Latakia Sculpture Biennial as well as in established museums such as the Syrian National Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art in Damascus. read more



Daniel Blignaut was born in South African and has lived and worked in Safety Harbor, Florida for the last 13 years. Soon after obtaining his Masters Degree in Architecture at the University of Pretoria, he started to pursue his first love, art, by studying fine art at the University of South Africa (UNISA). Having had several solo exhibitions in South Africa in the eighties and nineties and nowadays has many solo and group exhibitions in the US. read more


Linda Holt

Linda Holt first started studying art in Skidmore for a BS in fine art. It took a few years in business – at Lord & Taylor Management Recruiters – before her return to her studio. read more


Jill McLean

Jill McLean strives to reveal her private interpretation of Heaven. Faith is central to everything her life touches, and the spiritual experiences she has are transformed into colors, markings and movement before her tools ever touch the paint and canvas. Using a symbolic-style language through spontaneous and freestyle markings, as well as building blocks of light and movement of color, these physical components are intended to work together harmoniously, visually translating the amazing gift of life. read more


Tania Alcala

Tania Alcala transforms brightly hued acrylic paint into large abstract artworks—one-of-a-kind jewel-colored paintings that she meticulously coats with resin. "Spirit Lines" are in the background of her work, creating past, present and future in a tapestry of flow and movement representing that, everything in the world, and everything in the person is connected. read more


Karthrin Longhurst

A classically trained figurative painter, Kathrin Longhurst was born in communist East Germany. When she was just fifteen, her family escaped from ‘behind the iron curtain’, relocating to Sweden. This jarring transition from a totalitarian regime to a democracy sparked Kathrin’s passion for exploring the concepts of freedom, speech and expression, concepts that appear in her work today. read more


Andrey Kezzyn

Andrey Kezzyn is a Russian artist that has been doing photography for the past ten years, with the recent five years purely devoted to staged, theatrical photography. read more